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  • B Roll – GVs of London and parts of UK

    B Roll – GVs of London and parts of UK

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    Web Video

    Web Video

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    I have worked off and on in broadcast telly, but mainly I stay in corporate TV. […]

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    Whether a single camera wedding or a multi-camera stage show, the same rules apply: recce, decide, […]

  • Charity

    Charity organisations often use video to get their requests across quickly to a wide audience. Click […]

  • Guerrilla Docs

    Guerrilla Docs

    There‚Äôs lots happening on the streets. Journalist style sharp elbow shooting! Click on the images below […]

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    The Interview is a standard in TV. They personalise the programme and help move on the […]

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    Training video is vital to some industries to develop expertise as well as health and safety. […]

  • TV Pilots

    TV Pilots

    The project was cancelled but the video, 3 parts, was used extensively in a BBC 4 doc , “The Last Journey of the Magna Carta King” on how King John lost the royal regalia in 1216 one year after writing the Magna Carta.

  • Family video

    Family video

    Family videos are made specifically for the family as mementos, records and archives. Here Major Bill […]