I work in different ways, the main two are as follows:

1. Manage projects

from concept to DVD and host to internet. When managing the entire production the following is a good guide.

  • Pre-production – Planning

    Organisation is the key to good, efficient filming. First we decide a treatment then a script. We agree a budget and a schedule for filming, editing, presentations and delivery.

  • Production – filming.

    How many days filming depends on what needs to be shot, how, where and with whom. So planning and knowing exactly what is needed for the final film saves time and therefore money and a better result.

  • Post-production: Editing,

    Edit the material to the required length. Music selection final scripting, voice recording, Sound tracks mixed, pictures graded to match and presentation. I can produce copy masters in most file formats.


A short website video, such as the restaurant videos cost around £700 to £1,000 + plus a music track at £95. All figures are exclusive of VAT @20%.

Video for websites can come in a variety of styles: some a single piece to camera others a complex shoot and edit. Whatever your needs a suitable cost can be worked out. The following rate card is a guide only.


2. Hired as a crew member

or a self-shooting director the following rate card is a good guide but is negotiable depending on the circumstances.


Rate Card

I can work as director and/or camera operator with or without my own kit.



Sony EX 3, High definition, tapeless camcorder.

Day and weekly rates.

The rates below are standard and can be negotiated to suit circumstances.



Daily Rate
Equipment (as listed below)
Full 10 hours day  –   £250
Half day – £150
Full day                       £150
Half day                      £100
Weekly                        4 x daily rate = 5 days.
For longer periods a special rate can be  negotiated.
Audio Camera
Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic. and stand; Micron Radio mic; Tram 50; Sony ECM 77b Electret condenser lapel mic; Sennheiser K6 ME66 shotgun mic and stand. Hire additional sound if necessary or bring on a sound man. Tascam DR40 digital recorder for remote and line recording. Sony PMW EX 3. High Definition tapeless Camcorder with Atomos Samurai.

Camera records in MP4 at 1920 x 1080 50i or 25p and various other settings.

Atomos Samurai records in Pro Res x 3 versions and DNxHD

I can use other cameras.

Lighting Camera support
3 x 300 watt daylight balance interview lights and stands. 160 LED camera top light. Can hire alternative and/or additional lighting. Miller Compass 15, fluid head and 3 stage CF. Rolling spider dolly.
Data management Post Production
64gb S x S cards (roughly 3.45min HQ recording. 48gb sdhc cards.

Lenovo laptop with integral S x S and sdhc card readers.

Nexto 500gb portable storage.

LaCie x  2  “rugged” 1tb storage drive.3 x Safety copies retained on back up hard drives.

Atomos Samurai 240gb .

High def/standard definition: Edit Adobe Premiere CS 5.5

Editing:Daily rate       £250.
Weekly rate: d x 3       £750.00

Transport Payment.
Personal car. Mileage £0.50pm
Please note that in central London. Depending on location and amount of equipment needed, it may be better to use taxis.
Once an over all budget is agreed and divided into production (filming) and post-production – (editing), 50% of  filming budget payable before first day of filming. Second 50% payable on completion of filming.50% of Post-production fee payable on first presentation.A further presentation to include first changes and final presentation with a further set of changes and final payment.